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Welcome to my World

11 Oct

I often make a lot of snide comments on my Facebook page, but I don’t really go into much detail. So I decided to start a blog, so I can expound on the aforementioned snarky commentary. I use a lot of baseball/food/other analogies, and usually am quite light on scientific studies or other stuff. But I try to be fair–or if not fair, then truthful. I won’t speak a lot about scientific topics, because if there’s no interpretation, then there’s really no interest for me. (If you have a request, of the “Where did you hear that from?!?” variety, let me know and I’ll see if I can’t track you down a source.)

Some of the topics I’m most interested in are: sports, nutrition, exercise, rap music, internet memes/jokes, finance/economics, linguistics, and (unfortunately) politics. — You can expect to see a lot of talk out of me for those first few items, but not so much on politics. When I speak on politics, it won’t really be Party Politics, Dem vs Repub, but rather topics like Should state workers make twice as much as their private sector counterparts? — Stuff like that. More policy than politics.

If you’ve landed here from something other than my Facebook page…umm…hello. Do I know you? Feel free to follow along, and if I don’t completely repulse you (ha! not likely), feel free to send me a friend request or something. If you do, it would be helpful if you’d add some kind of short message to your request just so I know you’re not going to spam my wall with viagra advertisements or try to get me to visit your webcam. Otherwise….hopefully you enjoy what I have here.

In case you’re wondering what the whole “Dirty Shoez” thing is about–I have more than a couple dumb screen names. If you know me, you know my shoes are actually quite clean.  The ‘Dirty’ here is more akin to ‘getting your hands dirty’, or in this case, your Shoes: the more you walk, and travel, and explore, the greater the chances your shoes will get dirty. If you just stay indoors, well, your shoes will probably stay fairly clean. So ‘Dirty Shoez’ is an allusion to really getting out there and exploring the world around you, not just being cooped up and rigid and generally ‘my-way-or-the-highway’-esque.

Hmm…what else…

I’m 28. I live in Edmonds, WA. I’m a college graduate, working for UPS. Uhh…I’d rather not give out too much info all at once. As the great Chazz Michael Michaels once said: “Lookin is free… Touchin is gonna cost ya!” And by that I mean you’re going to have to do some cobbling to put together my whole picture. Not that I am soliciting my services or something along those lines. Just the information gathering thing…Hope you don’t mind.